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Comment for the adding.

A couple of things of note:

1. I keep up with a wide variety of people. Christians, pagans, people who are animals, people who are the wrong gender, recreational drug users, Straight-Edge folk, staunch vegetarians, shameless carnivores, gays, lesbians, third-gender/androgyne/two-spirit folk, artsy people, BDSM enthusiasts, furries, hentai weirdos (you know who you are ;p), animal activists, dog people, parents, child-free, linguistic nerds, computer science geeks, gamers, role-players, anime fans, any combination thereof, and anyone else who catches my eye. You are entitled to your opinions regarding all these beliefs/lifestyles/interests/people, but there is to be no passing of judgement on them here. Drama amuses me, but not in my journal.

2. I read the journals of everyone I add, and I will comment. Probably a lot. I also update. A lot. I rarely go more than a week without posting. In other words, I am a Denizen of teh Intarwebs, and not ashamed of it. ETA: This is no longer as true as it once was. Work and post-collegiate life mean that I am both busier and have less homework to procrastinate. Sorry, friends..

3. As I said before, people of all sorts read my journal, and I theirs. Anything I reveal in a friends-locked post, or that seems like it might be of a sensitive nature, is not for the sharing. No one loves a gossip :( Respect my privacy, and I'll do the same.

4. I don't care if you have your very own entry in the Encyclopedia Dramatica. I don't care if you have a feud with such and such, or were banned from placeplace. I don't care who you know or have friended. Life's too short to take intarwebz srsly.
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when life gives you gators

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WOO. Tonight I made eggrolls. AND crab rangoons. It was bitchin' /awesome/. And they taste...well, chinese restaurant authentic, anyway. Which is more than good enough for me! So, for posterity, I'm writing up the ingredients and process.

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Ok, so for anyone who was following twitter last night...shit got real. I've been having some crises, and was pretty stressed, so I determined to make myself feel better by cleaning my kitchen and then making fucking awesome tacos. Mission accomplished: the kitchen is mostly clean, I made tea and koolaid so I won't turn into a dehydrated jazzy boullion powder, and tacos...oh my god tacos. I believe I declared that "i am going to do freak nasty things to whomever invented tacos." That was /before/ I started drinking. So here is the recipe for tacos that will make you avow perversion upon people who probably don't exist. Sounds really simple, but I cannot stress enough, these tacos are pretty much the dominant species on this planet.

About six boneless skinless chicken breast strips
A lot of chili powder, cumin, pepper, minced garlic, dried cilantro, and onion powder
lime juice
a little bit of cheap beer (optional)
one avocado
one large tomato (the oblong kind?)
fresh cilantro
sour cream
ranch dressing
sprinkly cheese and other taco fixins to taste

Thaw and cut up the chicken, into itty bitty bits, because higher surface area=more flavour absorption (this is science). Sprinkle liberally with all dry spice ingredients, add to oiled skillet or any pot really. sautee a bit, add lime juice and beer, continue cooking until liquid is boiled off/absorbed and meat is appropriately cooked.

Peel and dice avocado into something sturdy, then mash it. Add shredded fresh cilantro, lime juice, sour cream and ranch, mix well, then dice in tomatoes.

Add meat and sauce and cheese to soft tortillas. Devour ravenously!

After I finished my tacos, I decided to drink and Skype with maratini because IT'S HER BIRTHDAY! (Yes, nar_kiranka this means I have microphone again. :P) Somehow I became convinced that my keyboard desperately needed cleaning, so I took it upon myself to do so, while becoming increasingly drunk (for you Donaldson fans, I was drinking, among other things, a mixture of peach soda, lime juice, soda water, and gin, for that realistic aliantha taste). This didn't end well, but it ended hilariously. I somehow only washed one key down the drain, though at the time it seemed like a lot more and I was a little panicked, and it turned out to be that useless one with like a pic of a piece of paper on it? next to the windows key? Idek. But yeah, keyboard wasn't working so hot after that, so I managed to find my old one...and promptly removed the enter key to try and clean it. I know, I know. The enter key is still missing, I'm having to use the numpad. I DID manage to put the keys back on the first keyboard without looking at the picture of a keyboard maratini googled for me, except the bullshit like scroll lock and pause/break, wtf is that even. I tweeted with the keys I had and didn't sweat the vowels, just as my honourable ancestors would have. I painstakingly learned the difference between 7, L, and 1. Then I spent seemingly the rest of the night making people look at Gary Busey.

Good times, good times.
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Dr Pepper Chili (jazzy style)

Because people have expressed so much interest, I will attempt, as best I can, to walk LJ at large through the process, inasmuch as there is one, of making Dr Pepper Chili.

Ingredients (in order of use?):
1 package of ground turkey, this is like 1.3lbs or some shit
Lots of spices, esp. minced garlic, chili powder, white and black pepper, a bayleaf or two, a bit of sage, and dried cilantro. paprika is nice if you have it (kitchen ate mine). I use onion powder because I hate actual onions. Have cinnamon on hand, for later.
1-3 cans of Dr Pepper
1 can of tomato paste (it was a bigger one than the tiny ones. like 10oz? 12?)
Can of kidney beans (the red ones?)
Can of black beans
Can of corn

Get a really big pot. Seriously, a big pot. Somehow nothing I cook ever makes less than a metric fuck-tonne. Add meat and whatever amount you like of each of the spices EXCEPT cinnamon and really you don't want too much bay because ick. Brown meat, and if the turkey is fairly lean don't bother draining.

This step is tricky. You must add Dr Pepper to the pot. It will foam a lot, and you will be tempted to drink out of the can. Try to see to it that 12-16oz makes it into the pot though. Open as many cans as necessary for this to actually happen.

Take cleaver. Stab open can of tomato paste. Try not to injure self or pets; tomato-paste spattered walls are a lost cause, however. Alternately, you could remember how can-intensive this meal is and pick up a new can opener before you start the process. Alternately, you could be a pussy. Add tomato paste to pot, reduce heat (it probably should have been on 'high' before) and add some amount of water, swished around in the tomato paste can to help get more out. Smell the proto-chili. Does it smell like spaghetti sauce? More spices. Does it smell like chili without veggies? Good job. If it smells like anything else add Worcestershire sauce, I find this fixes most problems in the kitchen. I may also have thrown some soy sauce into it, but I don't seem to have actual salt, which you might want to add or not. Simmer long enough to fuck around on Twitter for awhile.

Now it's time to stab open three more cans! You may want to reduce the heat even more while you do this because it's gonna take a fuck of a long time. Add all the red beans, most of the black ones, corn to taste, and a little bit of cinnamon. Continue cooking for long enough to wash enough dishes to eat from and get your crackers all crumbled and your fresh tomatoes chopped and your shredded cheese out of the fridge, if you're a worthwhile person. If not, do some shamanism or something, I'm not your boss. Is the chili the correct thickness, whatever that means to you? If so, put it in a bowl and eat it! If it's too watery, continue cooking it. If it's too thick, add more water and/or Dr Pepper. See above question re: correct and wash/rinse/repeat as needed.

And there you have it! Dr Pepper Chili. I promise you this is good.
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(no subject)

Did some f-list cleaning. Mostly just dead journals and whatnot, but if I cut you out by accident and you don't like it, let me know and I will probably add you back because I'm basically a good person.
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Super Massive Jewelry Post

Sorry for crappy phone pictures. I am mostly just documenting my work, but if you want to buy one of the unclaimed things, or want me to make you a necklace or bracelet with some element(s) you see, let me know. Pendants (except for teeth) can be assumed to be unique.

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Has a Richterpoops ^^

Man I went to PetSmart tonight and they had a ballin' python and a really adorable California king, very clean black and white, so pretty. I ogled them for probably too long. Richter is finally a comfortable size to be a neck-snake while I LJ, it's nice.

V. productive today. Bought some shorts (first time in...five years?) for biking and dyking. Also got a couple of hells of sexy waistcoats. Replenished catfood, and found a way of keeping the dogs out of it. Played some 4th+ DDR and it was hossome. Also got ear-cleaning stuff/ear mite medicine for the Owlbear who is q. itchy. Hope that clears up soon or he will be summarily vetted. Also got hella groceries, this month is looking particularly delicious.

Awww Richterpoops is giving me a neck massage, how sweet. BUT JAZZZZZZZY YOUR HAIR IS WET :| and too short to play in, how sad.

Huge tonsil is still huge.

Oh you should google this guy, James Lucius Davis, the confederate cavalry colonel dude. He's my triple-g grandfather, I believe it is? Ancestor of some sort, I don't recall how many g's. The military and badassery in general is in my blood. Supposedly the cousin to Jefferson Davis, too, which the family has always claimed to be related to him (the Davis side of the family, anyway) but in any case, p. interesting. Genealogy's still not my bag though.

Ok bedtime. Maybe the cats will let me sleep.
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Operation sell my shit

ok guys, I'm really broke. I have some art supplies, if you're interested or know anyone who would be.

72 set of Prismacolor pencils--Barely used at all. Still with case. $20
Prismacolor markers--Unused except for tests. Not with case. Set of 48, double ended kind if there's other kinds than that. $50
Both sets bought new. Anyone would want this? Mention it to any artsy friends?
SUPA ETA OH snaps, 36-pencil set of Prismacolor Verithins, too. Only six have even been sharpened. Still have nifty foldy stand-box. Ok stop art supply now. 15 bucks plus a little shipping?

Also have some body jewelry I'm going to put up, most of it came in lots with other stuff so it hasn't even been worn. Gotta snag a camera and take pics though. So stay tuned. ETA:
Ok, got the body jewelry sorted and photographed:
Labrets, cones and balls. One loose pink ball with a white stripe.
Yellow cone, yellow ball.
Yellow SPARKLY cone and ball :D.
Pink cone and ball.
SPARKLY pink cone.
SPARKLY light purple ball.
White swirly cone.
Red opaquish ball.
Silver metal five point star, black metal five point star. All 14g. I have plenty of labret studs to spare, like millions. All of this has never been worn, leftovers from buying in lots. If it's not metal, it's acrylic. Take any of the acrylics+labret post for 1.50. 2 for the stars. Throw in another dollar and you can have more labret posts, GET EVERYTHING PIERCED JAZUMON WILL HELP 8D

Green flexi septum/horseshoe, no ends, 14g-2.00. Never worn; ordered a blue labret in this material and got this by mistake.
Blackline 14g pincher, can't find the other o-ring 2.50. Worn in ear once.
CBRs, 14g, in pink, purple, blue, light blue, green, red, clear, and iridescent. 2.00 ea. Never worn; came in a big set and I didn't need them all.
Hexagonal CBR, 14g. 3.00. If this thing doesn't go I'm pairing it up with another one and getting my ears pierced again :D

12 medium geosynthetic membranes.

One 8g MACE! Somehow I have an odd number of these and not an odd number of ears. 3.00 Never worn.
White 8g cat's-eye material plugs. 2.50. Never worn.
Black 8g Cat's eye material plugs. 2.50. Never worn.

Dark blue SS "gemstone" plugs, 8g. Never worn; ended up with dupes somehow. 5.00
Sediment shaped sediment.
SS generic plugs, 10g. 1.00
Chocolate-coated peanut butter pieces, shaped like fish.
Blue swirly fang/taper things, ending in 8g. Like the fangs from Okami! 2.00
1 cross borehole electro-magnetic imaging rhubarb.
8g SS spirals. One has a larger "gap" than the other. It's not noticeable when you're wearing them, but the smaller one can be harder to get in. 2.00 These will ship for very cheap, just add in a dollar for shipping. Thank you for participating in my computer-aided sale. Goodbye!
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(no subject) is a jackass. It's Halloween. Does anyone want to sign him up for some porn or spam? :D

Also I just cleaned the litterbox. Whose door needs poop?
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Ok, so yeah, it's been awhile, right?

Has a job; r librarian. I also work for Dr. R and I would work for Chris if he had any grasp of time whatsoever. The Latin I'm translating for Dr. R's sort of test run is neat; the story is strange, it's Apollonius King of Tyre. Y halo thar daughterfucking. Other than that I have basically researched snakes I want to own some day and collected free vivaria, cooked some interesting things, and read a lot. I am a nerd. Hi. The most exciting thing to happen recently was taking Lily to the vet because of unexplained gastrointestinal phenomena; THAT was fun. She's fine, of course, but will probably not willingly get in the cat taxi again. Mostly I've just settled into a routine of living here and managing things. It's ok. I'm sort-of unhappy about a lot of things, but my pets and my apartment and to a lesser extent my job are winsauce.

Warning! Not dial-up friendly in the least. For srs.
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lols I have work waaaaay too soon. But my job's ok really. I may die of paper cuts though. And there's a Christian dude who thinks I'm uber-christian too because I'm a biblical scholar. It's both awkward and highly amusing. He also thinks Thom Yorke can sing. I HAD A NIGHTMARE THAT I COULD SEE THE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN MUSE AND RADIOHEAD. Many other things about work are fun or funny, but I will not make this post even longer for their sake.

bearinmind I never see you online anymore! I hope everything's ok? :s It's been so long since I could bestir myself from the mire of jobhunting and just living, I feel I haven't talked to anyone in forever.